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The products we offer
Services offered
Product guarantee

Speddick Industrial Tyres

Speddick Industrial Tyres is an importer and distributor of FORKLIFT INDUSTRIAL TYRES and WHEEL RIMS in South Africa - Forklift solid tyres.      
Speddick has been in the forklift tyre business for over 30 years.

The products we offer

Forklift solid tyres - SOLIDEAL BRAND OF TYRES - from Sri Lanka and Europe.
Forklift solid tyres - AICHI BRAND OF TYRES - ex. Japan.
Forklift pneumatic tyres - SOLIDEAL BRANDS - tyre, tube and flap.
Steel band solid tyres - from Sri Lanka.
Wheel rims and loose / lock ring sets - from Sri Lanka.

Services offered

At Speddick our advice is free as to what are the best tyres suited for your specific forklift operation.

We arrange with one of our sales representatives to do meaningful calls on a regular basis at your premises. They will perform surveys
on each of your machines in order to ascertain the life span remaining on the tyres. On completion of the survey, the findings will be
forwarded to our offices so that our database can be updated. A printed copy of the survey report is returned to your business to the
person responsible for the tyre and rim maintenance together with advice and suggestions.
You, as our client / prospective client, are now in a informed position to make a decision.

Tyres and rims purchased within a 30 km radius of a Speddick office will have their old tyres removed and new ones fitted at no extra
cost. Otherwise, a standard AA rate will apply per km as well as a standard fitting rate per hour will be charged.

Tyres are fitted to our service exchange rims to reduce down time on fitting. Your old tyres and rims are taken back to our premises.
Customers are only charged for rims should they found to be faulty or damaged.

Product guarantee

A full tyre life guarantee is given with each tyre sold. This offer covers factors such as tyres slipping on the rim, hours applicable to your
specific application, and product failure.


Prices are available by contacting one of our offices.


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